Celebrate KA-ME’s 50th Anniversary!

It's our birthday, and we're not shy about revealing our age because we're proud to announce that for the last 50 years we've been providing people with authentic Asian ingredients, snacks and meal solutions. For over 5 decades we've helped to shake up cooking routines and create mouthwatering Asian cuisine in the comfort of your kitchen.

KA-ME's breadth of versatile, flavorful sauces, fresh-cooked and dry noodles and rice crackers provide inspiration and convenience during the busiest of days. KA-ME is a trusted partner in the kitchen offering all the components of the meal, and the delicious, easy-to-follow recipes to bring it to life.

We're kicking off stories here on kame.com with the goal to empower you - the dads, moms, partners, avid travelers, foodies, care takers and more - to simplify cooking and meet your culinary and dietary desires, with authentic flavors, allowing you to listen to a craving and satisfy it with purpose. Stories will offer tips for cooking, information about ingredients and stories of course.

Asian cooking does not equate to spending hours in the kitchen, using a slew of unknown ingredients and foreign-to-you cooking techniques. The intricacy and rich history of Asian cuisine is approachable, even on a busy Thursday night at 8:00 PM.

KA-ME literally stands for the Key to Asian Made EasyTM.

With the right tools and techniques, cooking can be a fun, enjoyable part of your day and open a new space in your mind for curiosity and creativity.  

We'll talk a lot about authenticity. What makes KA-ME ingredients authentic? Our team works with Asian food experts, in the US and in Asia, to ensure that KA-ME food items exceed expectations for authenticity and bold flavor. Our products contain no artificial flavors or colors in keeping with the balanced, healthful approach to dining that's central to Asian cuisine.  None of our products have MSG and many are vegan, organic, kosher and/or gluten-free to suit a number of dietary preferences.

KA-ME products are sourced directly from Thailand, China and Taiwan-just look at the product packaging to spot the country of origin.  

Most importantly, we also want to know what type of food you crave. Sweet, savory, tangy, spicy or a mixture of it all? Are you a whatever is easiest meal maker, a the simpler the better snacker or an Umami chaser? Whatever you crave, KA-ME is here to support it and as we celebrate our 50th birthday, we'll spend time looking back on recipe highlights and look forward with new recipes showcasing modern Asian cuisine, a variety of ways to use staple Asian ingredients and create a space for meal exploration and togetherness.

Top 6 Recipes

Here are our top six, most-loved recipes by you, our consumer. As you peruse, perhaps you'll discover something new or be reminded of a fond moment in your own history. Either way, we hope you enjoy exploring authentic Asian cuisines and choose your own adventure.

Coconut Rice Noodle Pudding

Asian Noodle Salad

Mushroom & Bok Choy Noodle Soup

Pad Thai

Cold Sesame Curly Noodles

Sweet & Spicy Stir-Fry