5 Creative Ways to E-Celebrate this Lunar New Year

2020 was a tough one.

This new year, we’re still limited in what we can do to enjoy personal time with friends and family. Staying safe at home is a mantra we’re all familiar with hearing at this point, even as we’ve stepped into 2021 and soon this Lunar New Year, but there are still plenty of ways to have fun and stay connected.

All of us at KA-ME® want you and the rest of your family to stay safe at home, but keep the same celebratory Lunar New Year spirit of years past. Here are some unique ways to keep the excitement and energy flowing into this Lunar New Year. See how you can take virtual cooking classes, learn how to create some custom Lunar New Year recipes, cocktails, and more!

Keep your positive energy flowing, even if you may have to video-call some friends and family to share your newest recipe. The celebration of new beginnings and time with family may feel different this year, but the time to wish fortune, happiness, and good health to one another, has never been greater. Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at KA-ME®!

Family Celebrating Lunar New Year virtually during the global pandemic