Soba Noodles with Seasoned Tofu

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4 servings
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Soba Noodles with Seasoned Tofu
Course Lunch/Dinner
Course Lunch/Dinner
  • 1 package KA–ME® Soba Noodles
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • salt , to taste
  • 7 oz mushrooms (brown or shitake)
  • hot chili sauce , to taste
  • 5.2 oz extra firm tofu
  • Your choice of fresh herbs like mint , Thai basil and basil
  1. Cook KA–ME® Soba Noodles according to package instructions. When ready, remove the water and reserve in a bowl.
  2. Cook the mushrooms on medium heat with olive oil, salt and a little bit of hot chili sauce (based on how hot you want your dish). Once cooked, put them in a small bowl and reserve.
  3. Cut tofu in slices and cook using the same mushroom pan for 2 minutes each side.
  4. Next, mix with KA–ME® Soba Noodles and mushrooms and mix of fresh herbs.
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Recipe courtesy of @mariamidoes

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Recipe courtesy of @mariamidoes

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