Enjoy KA-ME Noodles

As the cold weather continues this winter, ‘tis the season to talk noodles. There is no way around it; noodles equate to comfort! We enjoy them hot or cold, with sauce or plain, atop vegetables and protein and so many other ways. And Asian noodles are at the forefront of noodle mania in heaping bowls of rich ramen and plates of chow mein. We are approaching the Chinese New Year (February 12, 2021) and the year of the ox and there is no better time to discuss noodles than now as you prepare your celebratory menu.

KA-ME has a wide selection of dry noodles and fresh-cooked Asian noodles and there is something for every meal and mood. We’ll focus on warm, comforting meals and creating food that turns in to quality time with family and friends and honoring tradition. Sokha, a member of the KA-ME team, recently sat down to talk about her love of home cooking that traces back to her family’s Cambodian and Chinese roots. She provided a “Noodle 101.” Enjoy the lesson and save it for the next time you shop for stir-fry or soup ingredients. And remember that hundreds of authentic Asian and fusion recipes are available here and on KA-ME product packaging.

Dry Noodles

Dry noodles are used most often for soups as they hold their shape well in broth. Dry noodle varieties tend to take a bit longer to cook than fresh noodles and are great in slow-cook meals.

  • Rice Sticks, also known as vermicelli or Maifun in Chinese, have a delicate and thin texture, ideal for Vietnamese pho. Here we have a savory recipe using rice sticks in a garlic shrimp dish and a vegetable and beef dish featuring rice sticks.
  • Chuka Soba is a Japanese term that translates to “Chinese Curly Noodles.” These noodles are the Japanese version of ramen and are mild in taste, made with wheat, and folded into intricate curly patterns before dried, hence the name “curly”. Enjoy in hot broths, cold noodle dishes or use in place of rice for a stir-fry.

Fresh Cooked Noodles

Fresh noodles are best used for dishes including pad thai and soups as well as chow fun and lo mein. Fresh noodles are typically made with egg and commonly add an extra bite and thickness to their texture. Bonus – they cook very fast!

Make sure to bookmark this page for future cooking and to help you make simple and satisfying meals using Asian style noodles. One of the main symbols of Chinese New Year is the noodle which symbolizes longevity. Happy wishes for a great new year!